Californians for Recycling and the Environment Disheartened by Votes on SB 54 and AB 1080

Micah Grant
(916) 444-1380

Sacramento, Calif. – Californians for Recycling and the Environment (CRE) executive director Reed Galen issued the following statement in response to lawmakers voting to approve Senate Bill 54 and AB 1080, which sets infeasible industry targets to reduce plastic waste and neglects to make significant investments in domestic markets for recycled content:

“Despite attempting to work with the bill’s authors on a comprehensive solution and commonsense solution, SB 54 and AB 1080 remain completely technically infeasible pieces of legislation. In the coming years these bill will increase state costs by more than at least $23 million while also hurting the availability, affordability and quality of many products California families rely on for our health and well-being.

“In their final form, these bills fell short of a solution or strategy needed to achieve the 75% reduction by 2030 that the authors promoted. CRE and its member remain committed to doing the right thing and working with the authors, stakeholders and the state of California to make meaningful strides in recycling in spite of the vague and broken system mandated in the bill today.“


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