Californians for Recycling and the Environment Announces New Coalition Members

Leading Product Manufacturers and Civil Rights Organizations Join Coalition Committed to Developing Consensus Around Consumer-Focused Solution to California’s Recycling Challenges

Micah Grant
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Sacramento, California – Californians for Recycling and the Environment (CRE) today announced several new members have joined its growing coalition of product manufacturers and organizations committed to bringing together Californians, stakeholders and lawmakers to find an effective, environmentally responsible, consumer-focused solution to reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes into California’s landfills and litters the environment.

With support from new members Novolex, Flexible Packaging Association, Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California (SCLC), and National Action Network of Califorinia (NAN), CRE will continue its advocacy around Senate Bill 54 (Allen) and Assembly Bill 1080 (Gonzalez).

“The continued growth of our coalition underscores our commitment to developing a recycling solution that’s in the best interest of all Californians,” said CRE Executive Director Reed Galen. “We’re eager to work collaboratively with members of the Legislature and all stakeholders to provide solutions that reduce plastic waste, while ensuring Californians are safe and that the everyday products they rely on will remain available and affordable.”

“Our members make sustainable packaging that efficiently and effectively serves California’s consumers and businesses, and we are proud to join a solutions-focused coalition that shares our commitment to meaningful environmental policy,” said Alison Keane, Esq., IOM, CAE, President & CEO of the Flexible Packaging Association.

“Any solution to California’s plastic waste issues should ensure the fundamental needs of historically underserved populations are continuously met,” said Pastor William Smart, President of the Southern California Chapter of the SCLC. “We believe this coalition best represents the collaborative efforts needed to implement sound environmental policies that keep consumers in mind. We’re eager to help find solutions.”

“We’re excited about the opportunity to work with all stakeholders to not only protect the environment, but to ensure the state’s policies are reflective of its diverse residents and lives up to reasonable standards of responsibility,” said Jonathan Moseley, Western Regional Director of NAN. "We look forward to having a meaningful impact on solving our state’s toughest environmental challenges.”

CRE members are committed to environmental sustainability and recycling, and they work hard to stay at the forefront of sustainable product development. In engaging on SB 54 and AB 1080, CRE urges legislators to more precisely define the entities covered by the bill, provide alternative compliance mechanisms and support large-scale recycling infrastructure that extends beyond bottles and cans to cover a product’s journey from the recycling bin to processing to its next use.


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